Travel Clinic BrisbaneDoctors @ Teneriffe Travel Clinic cares for the health needs of travellers.  Located in the heart of Teneriffe on Florence street, our clinic has easy access and parking for residents in the inner Brisbane area. 

Dr. Chris and Dr. Dora are members of the International Society of Travel Medicine and both hold their Certificate in Travel Health.  Dr. Chris is a Fellow of the faculty of Travel Medicine with the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine.

Our goal is to provide quality, personalised and individualised travel medicine advice to ensure that you stay well while you travel. 

Our clinic has a comprehensive supply of travel vaccinations and is an Accredited Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.  Traveller’s diarrhoea protection kits are also available for purchase if required.

I have booked for my trip, where do I go from here?

You look after your trip and leave us to look after you!  Book an appointment to see Travel Doctors at Teneriffe to discuss your travel plans and we will ensure that your travel health needs are met.  The optimal time to obtain travel health advice is at least 4 weeks before travel.  This is to ensure that we allow your body enough time to build up immunity if you require travel immunisations.  When you ring for an appointment, please inform us of the country you are traveling to and the duration you are visiting so we can arrange a detailed, updated and personalised letter of recommendation on travel health and immunisations when you attend our clinic.  Remember also to bring your previous immunisation records if you have a copy.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow Fever is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitos that leads to serious illness and even death.  It is a quarantinable disease in Australia.  

If you are travelling to Africa, Central or South America, you should check with your doctor if the region you are travelling to would expose you to Yellow Fever Infection and if immunisation is required.  It is important to also inform your doctor the countries you intend to transit through, as some countries require you to have a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate upon entry, or you risk being refused entry into these countries.

If you require Yellow Fever Vaccinations, please bring your passport with you when you attend for consult. Please note that Yellow Fever Vaccination cover begins 10 days after your immunisation, so please do not leave this to the last minute.

Our services include:

Travel immunisations

We will tailor your travel immunisation specific to the area you are traveling to, the activities that you plan to do, how long you are intending to travel for and also your medical history.  This means you only get the immunisations you really need.  

Updated information and recommendations on travel medicine advice

This includes advice such as malaria prophylaxis, prevention and management of traveller’s diarrhoea, advice specific to the activities you are planning including diving medicine and high mountain altitude illness preventions.

Management on post travel illnesses

Our service goes beyond your travel to cover for medical issues arised from traveling.

Diving medical

Travel Doctors @ Teneriffe have doctors who are trained in SPUM approved courses to conduct diving medicals and discuss diving related illness.  Our aim is not only to ensure that there are no medical conditions that are incompatible with scuba diving during your comprehensive assessment but also to ensure that you take the precautions and preparations to have a safe and enjoyable dive experience.

Group travel

We can offer discounts to groups including school trips, family trips, sporting group travels or business overseas travel.

Supply Letters for medications you are carrying

It is illegal to carry PBS medicines out of Australia unless it is for your personal use or the use of someone travelling with you.  There are also restrictions on the type of medications that you are able to carry through customs.  If you are planning to take PBS medicines overseas for your own personal use, please inform our doctors so we can supply a certification of the medicines you are taking.

Travelling Overseas with PBS Medicines

Vietnam Floating Village

elephant tracking

Travel Medicine Links:

A comprehensive website where you can search for travel related illness and immunisation guidelines specific to the country you are traveling to.

DAN provides divers with emergency medical assistance especially in rural or remote areas where immediate medical assistance is not available.

This is an Australian government website with information for travellers on medical disease outbreaks and political alerts.  There is a 24 hour number you can contact during emergency situation.  You can register your travel plans on the website which will allow the government to contact you in an emergency - whether it is a natural disaster, civil disturbance or family emergency.