Pfizer Vaccination Information

Pfizer Vaccination Information

We are accepting bookings from anyone who as a valid medicare card between the age of 12 to 59.  

Pfizer dose 2 is scheduled around 3 weeks after the first dose but can be given from 14 days onwards with no maximum period between the 2 shots.

You can read more about Pfizer vaccination here.

If you would like to discuss with a doctor about the COVID vaccination, please book an appointment PRIOR to attending the vaccination clinic.

If you have already decided to proceed with Pfizer vaccination, please reserve and book the vaccines online to one of our Pfizer vaccination clinics.  Consent form is required to be completed online prior to attending the immunisation clinics.

Here is how to book or reserve vaccines online:
1.    Click “Book Now” from our website or on AMS connect
2.    Enter your details
3.    Under “Select Appointment Type click “Pfizer dose 1”
4.    Complete the consent form
5.    Select your appointment time
6.    If the vaccines are booked out, you can reserve your Pfizer vaccine

We appreciate your co-operation and patience.  We are enthusiastic about rolling out the COVID vaccination to our local community as quickly and efficiently as we can.  Book now.